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About Us

In 1980 we acquired our first Brittany "Freckles". She captured our hearts and souls. We were in awe of the Brittany's natural ability and soft gentle temperament. We knew that Brittanys would always be in our lives. Since then we have dedicated ourselves to breeding Brittanys. Today is still the same, except our love and commitment for the breed has grown stronger. Our goals are simple to produce the best dog for the walking hunter and family pet; to preserve the lines of what a Brittany was originally intended to be.

Our personal choice is that we do not Field Trial or Show our Brittanys. We prefer to dedicate our time to being at home with our dogs. If families are interested in Trial or Showing we are happy to recommend trainers to you.

Our door is always open, we would enjoy sharing our time with you. Please feel welcome to arrange a visit to meet us and our Brittanys. It is most important to us that you find the best puppy that suits you, your family and your lifestyle. A Brittany will be a member of your family for many years.

Sideview of our Kennels A nice place to sit and enjoy the Britts

Laneway down to Downwind Kennels Downwind's puppy kennels